__We are the knights of the Sacred Order Order of the Golden Monkey. Welcome to the Official Home of the Mystic Order of the Golden Monkey, hence our name, the Knights of the Order of the Golden Monkey."

"Monkey monkey monkey golden mystic knights!" That is our creed. The three monkeys represent the three most important virtues of the Order: Sloth, Wrath, and Misanthropy. As a whole, they represent Truth, and the never-ending struggle for justice within each of us. Well, not really. The golden represents greed. "Mystic" sounds neat. Knights represent that we must all take up arms for monkeys at one time in our life, no matter what the cost in human life.

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"I would gladly sacrifice the life of every
American for the sake of the sacred golden monkey."
-Lyndon B. Johnson

"I would gladly sacrifice the life of Lyndon B. Johnson for the sake of every American."     
-Richard M. Nixon

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